Inspiring Bystander Intervention for Individual Learners


Bystanders have the most impact to resolve conflict within complex social interactions. But often, they don’t feel equipped to “get involved,” even though they have the most power to make a difference. Through years of research from top institutions and best practices, we’ve found a way to alleviate these fears and empower learners to find an intervention strategy that works for them.

This course is ideal for busy or remote learners who want training that’s engaging and that will improve their emotional intelligence and conflict resolution skills.

This course is has several benefits:

  • Remove ambiguity within complex social situations so you know exactly how to react.
  • You’ll be prepared to defuse potentially hostile or threatening situations.
  • Develop your own personalized intervention strategy that feels natural and effective.

Watch how this course transformed a hospitality organization and reduced their harassment numbers to zero:

Still unsure? Take this free survey to calculate your current financial risk as a result of harassment-related issues. Don’t worry, it’s confidential and doesn’t require an email address unless you want the report mailed to you. We’ve found that having this report helps a lot when you need buy-in from stakeholders or your executive team:

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