Bystander Intervention for Facilitators


What to run your own seminar or workshop? This self-facilitated online course contains all of the successful elements from our individual e-learning course, Inspiring Bystander Intervention, but can be facilitated by HR, or even by managers or supervisors – with a detailed guide to help them engage their learners in proactive, healthy dialogue.


Have you ever presented to a crowd, asking questions to engage them in dialogue, only to be met with crickets chirping among a sea of blank stares? We’ve got you covered: with powerful media tools and a beautifully designed flow of slides, you can focus on engaging with your audience.

We spent years perfecting the technique of presenting stories in ways that get audiences to react and speak up. They want to share and to be heard, and you will be able to masterfully guide their questions and discussions with the guidebook we include.

This course contains a three-part structure: a narrative portion that engages facilitator bystander intervention and entertains audiences, a talking head or didactic portion that illustrates what techniques were used or failed to be used during the scenarios, and an activities section for audience members to take part in.

The researched used to create this revolutionary course helps to improves empathy and reduces instances of harassment, bullying, safety hazards, and other problems within complex social settings.

If you have a few employees that can’t make the training, you can easily get them up to speed with the individual licenses – which saves you time and money.

Following this course, your audience will accomplish the following:

  • participate in a more proactive dialogue when they witness inappropriate or questionable behavior;
  • apply critical thinking to remove the ambiguity of complex situations;
  • diffuse potentially hostile or threatening situations;
  • develop their own personalized facilitator bystander intervention strategy that is natural and effective.

Includes a digital, printable facilitator guide. Printed booklets for employees will be sent to the address provided, so that employees may follow along and reference their individualized action plans long after training.

This course will become available after purchase.