Bystander Intervention for Facilitators


Do you want to run your own seminar or workshop for improved communication, conflict resolution, and harassment-related issues in the workplace? Have you run these workshops in the past, only to be met by bored faces or silence during discussion?

We’ve got you covered: this guided facilitation will improve emotional intelligence and conflict resolution skills within your team, while keeping them entertained and engaged. It includes powerful media tools and beautiful handouts for your audience, so you can focus on running a your own, stellar seminar or training.

This course is has several benefits:

  • The facilitator guide gives you a step-by-step guide (with questions and prompt), to engage active discussion.
  • Following your training, employees will address inappropriate or questionable behavior at the site, rather than reporting to HR.
  • Learners apply critical thinking to remove ambiguity within complex social situations.
  • Your team will be prepared to defuse potentially hostile or threatening situations.
  • Employees become accountable by developing their own personalized intervention strategy.
  • Science-backed and truly effective.

Watch how this course transformed a hospitality organization and reduced their harassment numbers to zero: 

Yeah, but does it work? Take a look at our survey responses from 1000 users:



Still unsure? Take this free survey to calculate your current financial risk as a result of harassment-related issues. Don’t worry, it’s confidential and doesn’t require an email address unless you want the report mailed to you. We’ve found that having this report helps a lot when you need buy-in from stakeholders or your executive team:


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