Inspiring Bystander Intervention for Individual Learners


Not everyone feels comfortable speaking up when they see something off. This course provides a clear checklist for recognizing inappropriate or dangerous behavior, and outlines a framework for how to address it in a way that works for every individual.

Through a unique storytelling approach that combines engaging films with blended learning, this training will improve employee empathy and positively shift culture – with benefits ranging from increased sales, reduced turnover, and decreased instances of harassment. The course is 508-compliant, mobile-friendly, and responsive.

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Bystanders have the most impact to resolve conflict within complex social interactions. But often, they don't feel equipped to "get involved," even though they have the most power to make a difference. Through years of research from top institutions and best practices, we've found a way to alleviate these fears and empower learners to find an intervention strategy that works for them. This course contains a three-part structure: a narrative portion that engages and entertains audiences, a talking head or didactic portion that illustrates what techniques were used or failed to be used during the scenarios, and an activities section for audience members to take part in. The benefits of this inspiring bystander intervention course include a wide range of benefits: increasing productivity, decreasing employee turnover and company dissatisfaction, improving empathy and communication among teams, and reducing instances of conflict, harassment, bullying, safety hazards, and other human issues. Following this course, learners will accomplish the following:
  • participate in a more proactive dialogue when they witness inappropriate or questionable behavior;
  • apply critical thinking to remove the ambiguity of complex situations;
  • diffuse potentially hostile or threatening situations;
  • develop their own personalized inspiring bystander intervention strategy that is natural and effective.
Included is a digital, printable exercise booklet to follow along during the training. It also acts as a reference after course completion.
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