Inspiring Bystander Intervention for Individual Learners


Not everyone feels comfortable speaking up when they see something off. This course provides a clear checklist for recognizing inappropriate or dangerous behavior, and outlines a framework for how to address it in a way that works for every individual.

Through a unique storytelling approach that combines engaging films with blended learning, this training will improve employee empathy and positively shift culture – with benefits ranging from increased sales, reduced turnover, and decreased instances of harassment. The course is 508-compliant, mobile-friendly, and responsive.

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Following this course, learners will:
  • apply a critical thinking framework that removes the ambiguity of what qualifies as harassment;
  • participate in a more proactive dialogue when they witness harassment;
  • develop their own personalized intervention strategy that is natural and effective.
Included is a digital, printable exercise booklet to follow along during the training. It also acts as a reference after  course completion.
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