Bystander Intervention


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Traditional anti-harassment training isn’t just bad: it can actually lead to more instances of harassment. Protect your workplace culture by teaching your employees critical thinking techniques to diminish harassment when they see it. Our blended learning course improves student empathy and communication, provides a clear framework for recognizing harassment, and gives them a personalized strategy for intervention or reporting. There is ample research showing how traditional approaches to anti-harassment aren’t just bad or cheesy; in fact, they can lead to a workplace with increased sexism and hostility. Watch this short explanation of why here:

This mobile-friendly online course improves empathy and decreases instances of harassment through storytelling and blended learning – changing learner behavior both consciously and unconsciously.

Following this course, your students:

  • apply a critical thinking framework that removes the ambiguity of what qualifies as harassment;
  • participate in a more proactive dialogue when they witness harassment;
  • develop their own personalized intervention strategy that is natural and effective.

Includes a digital, printable exercise booklet for employees to follow along during the training, as well as reference long after completion.

Spanish version is available.