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Training Tools for Instructional Designers

We offer learning tools, methodologies, and online courses to help you create training programs that will engage your learners' attention and emotions so that they learn better and apply training on the job.


Bad Training Wastes Money

Time is limited. Learners are frustrated. And stakeholders keep cutting back on budgets because they don't believe training truly produces results. But they're kind of right: only 12% of employees apply what they learn in training back on the job.
Our courses and materials help you produce amazing training experiences with real business impact - all while saving you time, avoiding headaches, and removing any sinking doubts to your self-worth.


I have never experienced e-learning on an emotional level. This was as captivating as watching Stranger Things!

Lily R.Organizational Development & Talent Acquisition

This should be a role model for compliance training.

Saqa A.Senior Instructional Designer at Multinational Corporation

We typically see a spike in reporting after training. But with Sage Academy's course, employees solved problems for themselves - making the need for HR intervention unnecessary.

Chene D.Senior Talent Manager in Hospitality

I even use these techniques at home, and it's made a huge difference in how I interact with people.

Chris P.CEO of an Engineering Firm

I've been in various industries...trucking, mining, office/warehouse. Most harassment training is a joke - obvious and boring. This is by far the best course I've ever taken.

Lyle D.Truck Driver

I'm an HR professional, and this is amazing! It speaks to a modern workplace and addresses a delicate situation in a brand new way, and it empowers people to speak up and take control.

Andrea L.HR Specialist at an Aerospace Engineering Firm

Courses That Make You A Better Trainer

These courses are loaded with high-end narrative and talking head videos that will help you run training programs like a boss. We also have courses that will improve your overall learning design so that audiences achieve behavior-based goals.

Bystander Facilitation Training


Storytelling for Learning Designers


Experiential Facilitator Training



Not Sure Where To Start?

Learning Designers often find that the biggest dragon they need to slay to increase their audiences' engagement is learner apathy. That's why we created a FREE 3-part video series to start engaging your learners' attention and emotions.
In it, we cover:
• Why learning initiatives not backed by storytelling are doomed to fail.
• The first crucial step to get over your fear of storytelling.
• Proof that this process consistently creates stories that learners love.

By signing up, you'll also unlock 40% off our newest "Storytelling for Learning Designers" course!


Media Neuroscience Applied to Learning

This is the 21st century, yet our learning hardly looks like it. Trainers, facilitators, consultants, and educators still take approaches to learning that don't work - and that can actually have the opposite intended effect. Sage Media has been producing custom learning content to improve culture, increase learner engagement and emotional investment, and nudge positive behaviors in the workplace. Sage Academy is the result of this methodology applied to off-the-shelf solutions that are far more affordable. In addition to the above, our courses offer unique benefits:


As former entertainment experts, our courses engage learners at the level of mainstream entertainment - and they learn more because of it.

Inductive Learning

Our approach engages inductive learning, meaning your learners will take ownership of what they learn and deepen their understanding by engaging critical thinking skills.

On-the-Job Application

At the end of the day, we want employees to apply what they learn. Using our approach to social-emotional learning will result in business outcomes that will make and save your organization money.

Responsive. Nimble. Intuitive.

Learning should be seamless and available when your learners need it. We author our courses with fully responsive HTML5 to play on any device. Deploy training in minutes via our LMS or integrate SCORM packages directly into your own.

Online Video Training For Any Device

Fun. Beautiful. Effective.

Aesthetics matter. Our learning design flows naturally and intuitively, while our video content looks like the movies you watch at home. Our e-Learning courses leverage neuroscience principles to get audiences to lean forward - maximizing attention, memory, and eagerness of employees to apply what they learn on the job.

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How Storytelling Can Engage Your Learners

Learn the secrets to combating learner apathy. Sign up for this FREE 3-part video series and see:

• How to engage learner attention and emotion. 
The first crucial step to get over your fear of storytelling.
• Proof that this process consistently creates stories that learners love.

By signing up, you'll also unlock 40% off on our newest Storytelling for Learning Designers course!

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