Teaching People How to Teach People Better

Our blended learning courses are a complete package to help you facilitate at your best – with pre-designed curricula, experiential activities, and video scenarios that look like a Hollywood production. Available online or through your preferred LMS.

Bad Training Wastes Money

Time is limited. Learner frustration is real.
You want something that engages learners, improves memory and retention, and changes behavior. But you can't afford to produce Hollywood-grade scenario films that entertain, or waste time choosing between ADDIE or SAM learning models and testing their effectiveness. Why suffer through all that work, only to find it lands flat for your audience? We are filmmakers with an instructional design background.

Filmmaking Instructional Designers

As professional storytellers and entertainers, we know how to engage an audience. Sage Academy combines compelling narrative films and video scenarios with seamless and intuitive instructional design. We provide the learning assets so you can focus on facilitating and engaging robust discussion with your team.


I have never experienced e-learning on an emotional level. Movies, music and novels, yes...but not an online course. This was as captivating as watching Stranger Things!

Lily R.Organizational Development & Talent Acquisition

We typically see a spike in reporting after training. But with Sage Academy's course, employees solved problems for themselves - making the need for HR intervention unnecessary.

Chene D.Senior Talent Manager in Hospitality

I'm an HR professional, and this is amazing! It speaks to a modern workplace and addresses a delicate situation in a brand new way, and it empowers people to speak up and take control.

Andrea L.HR Specialist at an Aerospace Engineering Firm

Some of the stuff seemed way out there, but it worked! I was stunned. I even use these techniques at home, and it's made a huge difference in how I interact with people.

Chris P.CEO of an Engineering Firm

This should be a role model for compliance training. Simply amazing!

Saqa A.Senior Instructional Designer at Multinational Corporation

I've been in various industries...trucking, mining, office/warehouse. Most harassment training is a joke - obvious and boring. This is by far the best course I've ever taken. It definitely hits home.

Lyle D.Truck Driver

Storytelling Meets Neuroscience

Our brains are hardwired for story. We consume and share information in narrative forms, processing complex situations both rationally and emotionally. We also treat media socially; subconsciously, we think videos represent real life. Sage Academy integrates extensive cognitive science research to combine emotional, logical storytelling with a powerful video component.


Knowledge checks don't drive behavior change. Well-structure stories, however, provide logical and emotional arguments that do.

Emotionally Intelligent

People communicate complex ideas nonverbally. Our unique visual language conveys important information, authentically – both consciously and subconsciously.


By allowing learners to fill in story gaps, they take ownership in the training experience – leading to better engagement, retention, and an actual change in behavior. They also have a lot of fun!

Fun. Beautiful. Effective.

Aesthetics matter. Our learning design flows naturally and intuitively, while our video content looks like the movies you watch at home. Our e-Learning courses leverage neuroscience principles to get audiences to lean forward - maximizing attention, memory, and eagerness of employees to apply what they learn on the job.

Responsive. Nimble. Intuitive.

Learning should be available at any time, on any device. We author our courses with fully responsive HTML5 to play on any device. You can purchase and deploy training within minutes via our LMS or integrate our SCORM packages directly into your own.

Online Video Training For Any Device

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As a boutique company, we are steadily adding hand-picked, emotionally intelligent e-learning, training, and human capital titles to our library that will have the most impact. If you need high-quality employee development that works, check out some of these titles.

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