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Corporate Training That Works

Our skill-based online courses produce high-skilled, motivated employees capable of handling greater responsibility without compromising safety or quality. This translates to reduced costs, increased productivity, and a competitive edge for your organization. You'll also enjoy benefits like:

  • Reduce employee downtime.
  • Save money on your training budget.
  • Avoid building time-consuming, niche content internally.

Stop Wasting Money on Bad Training

Time is limited.
Learners hate boring content.
And employees are leaving in droves to join competitors.

Stakeholders continue to slash budgets because they don't believe training really works. And they're not entirely wrong: o
nly 12% of employees apply what they learn from traditional training, costing companies world-wide an average of $115 billion dollars a year in inefficiencies.

Don't let bad training cost you your job.
Invest in something that works.


I have never experienced e-learning on an emotional level. This was as captivating as watching Stranger Things!

Lily R.Organizational Development & Talent Acquisition

This should be a role model for compliance training.

Saqa A.Senior Instructional Designer at Multinational Corporation

We typically see a spike in reporting after training. But with Sage Academy's course, employees solved problems for themselves - making the need for HR intervention unnecessary.

Chene D.Senior Talent Manager in Hospitality

I even use these techniques at home, and it's made a huge difference in how I interact with people.

Chris P.CEO of an Engineering Firm

I've been in various industries...trucking, mining, office/warehouse. Most harassment training is a joke - obvious and boring. This is by far the best course I've ever taken.

Lyle D.Truck Driver

I'm an HR professional, and this is amazing! It speaks to a modern workplace and addresses a delicate situation in a brand new way, and it empowers people to speak up and take control.

Andrea L.HR Specialist at an Aerospace Engineering Firm

A Social-Emotional Approach to Learning

Sage Academy solves the gap between knowing and doing because our courses tap into emotional triggers that keep learners engaged and get them to care about what they're learning. This unique approach results in better retention and direct application of desirable interpersonal skills.


If you want to change behavior, you must engage learners emotionally. And one of the best ways to engage emotions is through storytelling. Many of our courses resemble actual movies.

Test Learning Approach

Our learners are challenged in ways that are entertaining, which exercises their critical thinking, improves their understanding, and directly translates to on-the-job skills.

Skill-Based Learning

Training should increase an employee's job description, helping them skill up and handle more responsibilities within their role. Rather than put learners in front of a computer where they click "Next" on content they hate, our training teaches them on the fly.

Responsive. Nimble. Intuitive.

Learning should be seamless and available when your learners need it. We author our courses with fully responsive HTML5 to play on any device. Deploy training in minutes via our LMS or integrate SCORM packages directly into your own.

Online Video Training For Any Device

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