Storytelling for Learning Designers


You know that storytelling is a powerful, underrated learning tool. But when you sit down to design a story, do you often get stuck on what to work on? Do you get overwhelmed by possibilities and think your way into creative paralysis? Are you struggling to engage your audience and get them to care? If you want a design process that writes stories that are emotionally engaging, relevant to your training, and actually stick with your audience so that they take action, we have a solution!

Our self-guided, online course helps you translate your learning objectives into compelling stories. This course is ideal for both storytelling newbies and those with intermediate skill. It was created for instructional designers, consultants, trainers, facilitators, human resources managers, and folks working on social-emotional learning (SEL) programs (although stories works great for hard-skill training too).

This course takes about 4 hours to go through the 17 entertaining, informative videos and comprehensive workbook. The workbook contains templates, forms, and other guides that make your story design process easy and repeatable. Seriously, you can consistently come up with truly moving tales that teach in a matter of hours.


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